The best thing about life, Is knowing you put it together

"They look like big strong hands... don't they?"

Water rolls down the skin like tiny beads..
Eyes close so that they might see.
Illum tangendo (touching him)
This sun is a star in someone else's sky
Illum tangendo (touching him)
This moon is making someone cry...
Illum tangendo (touching him)

Captain PirateFace say's "Ahoy!"

Captain PirateFace say's "Ahoy!"
Updated by, Captain PirateFace

The Captain


This is not an Exit

Never Say Die!!!

"the tigers have found me
and I do not care."

Charles Bukowski

there is no fear here

there is no fear here
there is a fear here

Friday, September 28, 2007

Red bats with teeth................

Hey Gang,
It seems as though I am in constant trouble.
With my wife, bills, emotions, etc...
I guess I can say that at least I am alive...
at least.

Here is some junk.

Dragging it along

hand covering mouth to withhold a whimper.
pressing a warm palm against the eyes to push back the flooding tears.
the heart slows down to a crawl and the silence of empty rooms overwhelms the listener.
They have felt loneliness.
You have felt it.
The smiles have dissipated long ago.
The crowds have gathered around to point fingers and smirk.
And every muffled chuckle is another dagger thrust deep into already weakened skin.
That’s the way it is.
That’s the way it has to be.
It will always be.
Just close those eyes and let the world fall away.
There is a strange comfort in being alone.
A comfort and a profound hurt.
You soft hearted angel, there will always be pain.
There will always be a slight panic in those eyes.
There will always be someone out there pining away for you,
begging for a piece of your grief and disdain.
They love you all while they break you down.
There can be no champion in this battle...
Regardless of the outcome,
you will lose.

The sea is full of storms and ghosts

I will let this vessel take me away.Let loose the anchor and let the ocean decide my fate.
As the wind whips and the sky shakes, hard ice cold rain feels like small pin pricks on the skin.
I will eventually go down with this ship.
Sinking into the darkness that so perfectly emulates this night sky.
Making apologies to long forgotten ghosts coming to seek answers I cannot give...
just apologies.
I could sail on forever.
Staring at the choppy water restlessly crashing against the side of this boat.
the ocean wants to embrace me and steal the breath from my very soul.
I can think of no fitter way to let go.
I watch the angels fly above me circling the lightning bolts that boil the sea.
I watch the devils just beneath the surface of the water smile scary, wicked smiles beckoning me to join them.
They all have to wait.
This is my voyage and it is mine until the end.
No crew mates aboard.
I let Poseidon push me along into uncharted water where I will finally join the ghosts.
Finally join the devils...
and bid the angels farewell.

I am waiting

I am loving you and pouring salt in this open wound heart.
I am waiting for that love returned.
I am dodging the cold glance you cast my way.
I am imagining the way it would feel to just be held by you once again.
I am breaking apart with regret.
I am madly in love with you.
I am afraid that you may really not love me back.
I am finally at a loss for words.

Keep your ear to the ground kids…

Captain PirateFace

Candy is dandy; but liquor is quicker.
A poem by
Ogden Nash

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How can you save me when you can't save yourself?

"nothing can save
it keeps the walls

Charles Bukowski