The best thing about life, Is knowing you put it together

"They look like big strong hands... don't they?"

Water rolls down the skin like tiny beads..
Eyes close so that they might see.
Illum tangendo (touching him)
This sun is a star in someone else's sky
Illum tangendo (touching him)
This moon is making someone cry...
Illum tangendo (touching him)

Captain PirateFace say's "Ahoy!"

Captain PirateFace say's "Ahoy!"
Updated by, Captain PirateFace

The Captain


This is not an Exit

Never Say Die!!!

"the tigers have found me
and I do not care."

Charles Bukowski

there is no fear here

there is no fear here
there is a fear here

Monday, June 25, 2007

a blue world and night swimming

what a strange time as of late.
I think lately I have been at my most confused, sad and optimistic.

There has been a slew of strange days where the many persona's of Captain PirateFace have taken the reins of this chunk ass pirates body machine.
I have lost some friendships and a huge amount of faith in people.
But I am, for the most part... doing alright.
I have been reading allot lately. Right now I am reading "The old man and the Sea" and will leave you with a quote from that book before the strange and random poetry. I am not going to delve too much into my personal life tonight, but I will say that every day I hope for the best and usually get the opposite or worse.. but like the fool I am destined to be... I just cannot give up.

Random thoughts:
Saw "Harry and the Potters" with Gabriel a weekish ago and they were just fantastic.. find their music and see them live. For a band that just does songs about everything Harry Potter they kick some major ass and are very fun to watch.
The Rentals are coming to Las Vegas! FUCK YEAH! If you are scratching your head (or ass) saying "who???" Go find their music and listen... now. Also going to be seeing Reel Big Fish soon and tomorrow night, She Wants Revenge.
To those of you who used to be my pals... couldn't you have just looked on from the outside?
Sheri, again you rock and thank you for reading this shite blog of doom.
(which I know you are doing right now).
Oh yeah and....

If you can attend... please do! Also the Captain Will be there on First Friday as well.
(Hopefully with a new zine baby!)
Nuff about this and that and on with the torture baby!

A small sample of lyrics from "The man with two brains" by The Rentals...
It just feels like a Captain PirateFace theme song...

Been thinkin' bout the conversations, our situation My frustration, leading to your suffocation Feel uptight and my thoughts deranged and insane Like The Man With Two Brains So, I forgot the neurotic, got into the psychotic All those words haven't heard, you're kind of erotic Got no guilt, got no mind, got no reason, got no time I'm high on the sly

And another bit of lyrics from "These Days" By The Rentals

These days I may not be so happy After all, after all that I have gained I still feel sad when I'm all alone I may have felt that path decay? I may not be so swift after all All the chances you have given me I just let you go I guess I've been like this before Sometimes I can't stand up and be a man But God why would I lose it now When I need my strength at hand You know sometimes I can be real cool All the words just seem to flow right along But when that girl approaches me Well it all goes wrong These days leave me hopelessly delirious I wish these days were gone Oh please end These days I may not be so happy After all, after all the chances you have given me I just let you go let you go
The Current "Life of Captain PirateFace" Soundtrack

1. Link Wray = Rumble
2. Sid Vicious = Somethin' Else
3. The Rentals = Man with two brains
4. Nine Inch Nails = A warm place (featuring Stella Soleil)
5. Arcade Fire = In the backseat
6. Clinic = Distortions
7. Public Image Limited = Rise
8. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds = The Weeping Song
9. Santo and Johnny = Sleep Walk
10. Air = Il Secundo Giorno (Instrumental)
11. Gordon Merrick and Liz Enthusiasm = The Never Ending Story
12. Kings of Leon = On Call
13. Violent Femmes = American Music
14. Jim Carrol Band = People who died


"Imagine, if each day a man must try to kill the moon, he thought. The moon runs away.
But imagine if a man each day should have to try to kill the sun? We were born lucky, he thought."

The old man's thoughts from
"The Old man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway

this fragmented mind has gone iron

Too much on the brain.
Thoughts of female companionship used to ease the pressure...
now it's closer to a forced seizure.
I truly believe that God put me together wrong.
Not enough brains and too much heart.
What a prankster.
I don't know how to command this failing mind.
The sadness sets in and the storm breaks sinking my toy boats in an angry dark ocean.
The rage tears my soul, my stomach and my life into bloody strips of meat.
My record is skipping and she stands in the corner swaying to the mistake of my looping, screeching heartache...
Refusing to turn the phonograph off, or even smashing the record to shiny vinyl pieces of death.
I am failing at everything except failing.
And though you all are quick to pin it down as a lie...
I love you all and gladly suffer for all the mistakes any of us have made.
I am not alone in crumbling my universe.
All you smiling bastards with weapon of choice, secretively hidden behind your backs can share in this wealth of guilt, even if it is mostly my burden to carry.
I wish you all the best.
And of course just a touch of this madness you all seem to think you understand...
yeah good luck with that.
Good luck.

pity for what?

Today I sat staring into the sun,
watching Angels collide and come crashing down at my feet.
I listened for my lovers voice in the distance...
my very own sweet wife.
But all that ever came back was silence.
The limited love ran out and just as she had begged me to do,
time and time again, my body collapsed soulless and rigid...
my eyes locked in a death stare as my final tears fell like dying stars down my weathered face.
She begged for this.
I am only complying.
I slip away every night.
I beg her to hold me..
to never let me go...

She always waves goodbye as she walks into the darkness.

Goodnight, Good luck and love to you all,

Captain PirateFace


Benjamin Hall said...

Nice stuff buddy, sounds like some bad stuff is going down in Downtown LV.

Hope you guys make it out of the storm.

I finally added your ass to my links, I've redesigned my section of the site into an art blog. Daily pen scratchings.


Anonymous said...

I have been worring about you. It's been over a week. Hope things are looking up. ( a tiny bit atleast) As I read, I feel your pain, and wish I had a big enough bandaid.


Stephanie said...

Hello! I know you won't remember me but I wrote to you a while ago about finding your 'zine. Ever since then I look in all of them (very sneakily, at least I hope so) trying to find more. And I did, which made my whole week. I really love your blog too, I can relate to what you write in a lot of ways and it's a bit cathartic for me. I want to reply more but I know that might be a bit weird coming from a stranger. I'm on Keep sharing your writing, it really is great. You're even inspiring me to write more, which I really needed, so thanks :)

How can you save me when you can't save yourself?

"nothing can save
it keeps the walls

Charles Bukowski