The best thing about life, Is knowing you put it together

"They look like big strong hands... don't they?"

Water rolls down the skin like tiny beads..
Eyes close so that they might see.
Illum tangendo (touching him)
This sun is a star in someone else's sky
Illum tangendo (touching him)
This moon is making someone cry...
Illum tangendo (touching him)

Captain PirateFace say's "Ahoy!"

Captain PirateFace say's "Ahoy!"
Updated by, Captain PirateFace

The Captain


This is not an Exit

Never Say Die!!!

"the tigers have found me
and I do not care."

Charles Bukowski

there is no fear here

there is no fear here
there is a fear here

Sunday, September 30, 2012

i hate sundays

Every Sunday afternoon/evening I have to bring my son home to his mothers... and every Sunday I come back home, walk in... and cry like a little boy. I miss my son so much when he goes... and the void of loneliness overtakes me every week. Because he is the only person that loves me. And nobody else wants me or wants me around. I miss my little man and I detest feeling so sad and down till Friday when I get to see him again.

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How can you save me when you can't save yourself?

"nothing can save
it keeps the walls

Charles Bukowski